George Ng Aun Heng
George Ng Aun Heng

Directors Profile

George Ng Aun Heng completed his higher education in Taiwan and UK. With his strong will and spirit of handworks, he established Kinam Construction company.

As he is greatly influenced by chinese culture, he has been helping the poor to repay society and supporting especially chinese society and helping in the development of education. He also set up NAH Welfare foundation; financially helping the needy among the students of independent chinese schools; donated for the Sabah Eng choon IT building; established Borneo (Sabah) Birds Nest Export Sdn Bhd; Wholly funded for DongPing kindergarten; set up Engchoon Welfare foundation management committee. He has helped more than 800 students and donated to his father’s China hometown with more than RM 3 million.

Ng Aun Heng is currently vice president of Sabah Engchoon Association and the chairman of KK High School, Kudat High School and other independent school in Sabah as well as leader of Engchoon Christian Church. He has been awarded ‘chinese outstanding business leader’ in November of 2010 for his kind contribution.

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