Nutrition Contents

Nutrition contents of bird nest
Bird nest is a supplement that has rich protein contents. It has high mineral, collagen and active protein contents. 

Function of Protein

  1. To form and repair body cells .
  2. Effective in reducing flames and cough, asthma, sore throat and cooling down body heat especially for those whom easy to suffer fever.
  3. Creates antibodies and prevents the damage from bacteria and virus .
  4. Regulates the pressure of cell permeability
  5. Provides energy: bird’s nest has special protein that contains biological active molecules and can help in the building of cells, its growth and post-sickness recovery and improve the metabolism of fat.

Functions of Minerals

  1. Forms body cells and the fluid around the cells
  2. Regulates the body’s alkaline-acidity level
  3. Regulates the ratio of ions in fluid, helps to maintains the ‘excite’ level of nerves and muscles and is a requirement for the cell membrane permeability and cells normal functions
  4. Is am important part to form some substances with special function.

10 Functions of Bird Nest

  1. Makes skin soft, smooth, supple with good complexion. Increase skin moisture and elasticity, reduces skin wrinkle and fine blood capillaries, anti-aging, and keeps young forever.
  2. Good for lung and cold. Beneficial for coughs, including asthma, persistent cough, blood phlegm and bronchiotitis.
  3. Good for digestive system
  4. Helps in the recovery of sickness and fatigue
  5. Improves in conditions such as regular sweating and urinating problems
  6. Contains many types of amino acids. It increases the body functions and immunity in infants and youth, including brain growth, intelligence and strengthens heart functions.
  7. Good for pregnant women. After giving birth, Can help to recover energy, increase fat metabolism, detoxify, slimming and reduce stretch marks.
  8. Increase the growth of cells and immunity as well as anti-cancer ability. Can prevent throat and stomach cancer.
  9. Improves conditions such as dry throat, sore throat, constipation, nausea in post-radio/chemo-therapy patients
  10. Neutral properties. Helps in patients with bronchiotitis or asthma. Lengthens life span. It is a popular health supplement.

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