Company Introduction

Bird’s nest (Edible Nest) is a luxurious health supplement and is required when preparing expensive gifts during festive seasons. Most people are familiar with bird’s nest, but most of consumer do not know how to distinguish between the genuine/natural and fake nest.

The production of natural bird nest is unable to meet the requirement of consumers due to extremely high demand on bird’s nest. Therefore, many cunning businessman have been trying to sell nests that are mixed with coloring and bleaching agents at low cost, in order to make high profit. Some even utilize flour, egg white or glue to increase its weight.

Differentiating Genuine and Fake Bird’s Nest

In allowing consumers to obtain natural bird’s nest, Malaysian businessman George Ng Aun Heng decided to set up a bird’s nest processing center, so that consumers can comprehend its processing and origin. It is also a place where consumers can learn how to differentiate the natural nest from the fake nest selling in the market.




NAH Welfare Foundation Sabah (Malaysia) is established in the year 2003. There are more than 20 birdhouses built in Sabah (East Malaysia) and in the state of Selangor (West Malaysia). The foundation has founded Borneo (Sabah) Bird’s Nest Export Sdn Bhd so that patrons can be aware of its processing, which can provide 100% confidence in our products.

Our company provides one-stop service: from nest harvesting till collection, processing to packaging and retailing. We do not go through any middle man to sell our bird’s nest because we strive to ensure that our products are quality guaranteed when reach out customer hands with great value.

In East Malaysia, we are the only processing center that opens to the public. Our company policy is to produce the purest bird’s nest that is free from chemical, bleaching, additives and preservatives. 100% Natural with Quality Guaranteed!

Borneo (Sabah) Bird's Nest Export Sdn Bhd    婆罗洲(沙巴)燕窝出口有限公司
Borneo (Sabah) Bird's Nest Export Sdn Bhd    婆罗洲(沙巴)燕窝出口有限公司
Borneo (Sabah) Bird's Nest Export Sdn Bhd    婆罗洲(沙巴)燕窝出口有限公司

Borneo (Sabah) Bird's Nest Export Sdn Bhd 婆罗洲(沙巴)燕窝出口有限公司
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