100% Pure Bird's Nest From Malaysia

Bird Nest processing

Edible bird nest is the saliva of golden swiftlet that is spit on cliff, wooden planks or wall of bird houses. After harvesting and processing, it is consumed after feather removal.

Prior to consumption, it is soaked in water for about 40 minutes to 1 hour (cave nest needs more soaking time) then slow-cooked. House nest only requires 40 minutes to an hour of cooking time while cave nest requires at least 5 hours.

Nest processing is a dull and time-consuming task; therefore workers need to have adequate patience.

Processing requires 4 steps:

1. Raw nest is soaked in water until it is completely enlarged. Picture shown a nest that is soaked for 2 hours.


2. Use a tweezer to remove the feathers and impurities. This step needs repetition until all the feathers and impurities are removed.


3. Place the cleaned nest onto a mold


4. Drying the nest with oven and fan