100% Pure Bird's Nest From Malaysia

Nitrite Test Report from TUD SUV Singapore Laboratories

Reflect to the current Nitrite issue which discovered by China Authority, management team had voluntary send in our Bird’s Nest to conduct on Nitrite test. Below are the test report obtain from TUD SUV Singapore.

WHO Standard of Nitrite restriction control at 30ppm nitrite level is based on the MS 2334 : 2010 Edible-Bird Nest (EBN) Specification and is also in line with the Food Regulations 1985. Nitrite which contains in most of the foods that human daily consume including wines, vegetables, fruits, even Chinese herbs medicine, was naturally form by the process of slowly oxidized by oxygen in the air to sodium nitrate, NaNO3. Therefore it’s impossible to keep Bird’s Nest Nitrite to 0 ppm due to natural form of contains.

As long as bird’s nest was soaked in the water for minimum 1 hour (House Nest) and 6 hours (Cave Nest) and stowed in the slow cooker, the nitrite level will be decreased to the minimum and will not have any negative impact towards human body after consuming the bird’s nest.

As you can see the Nitrite reading level of Borneo Bird’s Nest is relatively low due to we only serve original and pure bird’s nest without any chemical contain or extra processing to change the white nest into blood nest compare to the reading of 3000ppm+ that shown in the report of China Authority available in China and Hong Kong market.