100% Pure Bird's Nest From Malaysia

Cave nest: is built in the natural cave and coastal cliff. As swiftlet’s built their nest in the mountain cave, minerals from mountain wall will infiltrate into the nest through rain dipping and high humidity in the cave cause the nest change to golden yellow colour.  Due to high demand and uncontrolled nest harvesting, swiftlet’s habitat is damaged and become lesser in the natural mountain. Nowadays government are promoting eco green habitat of swiftlet’s farming, House Nest was slowly replacing Cave Nest. Suitable Group of Consumer: Youngster/ middle age group, pregnant woman.


P/S: The main difference between Borneo Cave Nest with other brand is that Borneo Cave Nest had to soak in the water for at least 6-8 hours followed by stowed for another 5-6 hours then only can be consumed. As Cave Nest contains very high mineral, it needs longer time to prepare.


Blood Nest: is categorized under cave nest as well. Scientist had prove that blood nest does not formed by Swiftlet’s blood saliva and the reason that change the nest into red colour is the high magnesium minerals contain on the mountain wall that infiltrate into the nest. Lots of retailers telling consumer that Blood Nest was foamed by Swiftlet’s blood saliva or the food’s consumed by Swiftlet’s that change their nest into red colour. This is totally cheating and misleading consumer with wrong info.


P/S: Borneo Blood Nest had to soak in the water for at least 12-24 hours , stowed for another 8-10 hours then only can be consumed. It’s totally different with what others selling in the market preparation time is extremely short, cause of transforming House Nest into Blood Nest.


House Nest: market name it as “Emperor Nest”. From cave nest to house nest, golden swiftlet builds nest in different environment but it’s lifestyle remains the same. These swiftlets still live in natural habitat, they fly out early in the morning to find food and return in evening. House nest is protected, so the swiftlet population has been increasing. It is more superior than cave nest due to the fact that nutrient contents are retained when it is harvested periodically. House nest has less minerals if compared with cave nest. Thus, it is suitable to community of all ages.


P/S: Borneo House Nest mineral contains is much lower compare to Cave Nest, so House Nest can only soak in the water for 1-2 hours, then stowed for another 45 minutes and ready to consume.


For scientific accuracy, our company has obtained the nutrient contents of bird nest. Through the well-known lab testing centre in Singapore, the content analysis between house and cave nest is shown below.



Bird Nest Collected from the Swiftlet farm屋燕

Bird Nest Collected from the Natural cave洞燕

Protein 蛋白质 % (g/100g)



Sodium mg/g



Calcium mg/g



Potassium ppm (mg/kg)



Magnesium ppm (mg/kg)

Less than 0.1


Zinc ppm (mg/kg)



Iron ppm (mg/kg)



Phosphorus ppm (mg/kg)



Manganese ppm (mg/kg)



Selenium ppm (mg/kg)




House nest is better than cave nest

From the above analysis result, there is not much difference in the protein contents. However, Cave nest has a very high amount of minerals such as calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron, manganese and selenium, which greatly exceeds the content of house nest. Therefore, it may not be a good thing for consuming cave nest for long term.

Physiologically speaking, mineral is a necessity, but in an adequate amount. If mineral contents exceed the requirement of human body, it will increase the energy used for metabolism, resulting in the decreased efficiency of organs such as liver and kidney, which would create damage to our body. In people especially elderly, whose body is weaker, organs can be damaged, resulting in heavy metal poisoning when cave nest is consumed continuously (Due to high mineral contents are stored in body, so digestion function is affected).

Unlike cave nest, its mineral contents level is low. Its content is adequate for body’s requirement. If one consumes house nest for long term, it is beneficial to our health. Besides, the price of house nest is far cheaper than cave ones.